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"Seven Ways to Commune with the Ancient Romans in Tunisia" at Heather on Her Travels

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Trying to Use the Keyboard in Tunisia: Medina Meanderings in Tunis and the Bardo Wherein:
Roman tile mosaics in Bardo museum.

I visit the medina in Tunis, the ruins of Roman Carthage and the exquisite Bardo museum.

Tired and Hot in Tunisia: Exploring Djerba Island Wherein:
White buildings are the set for mos eisley spaceport in Star Wars movie.
I visit the Star Wars set for Mos Eisley on the island of Djerba.

Sweating it Out Among the Ksars Wherein:
Corner of a home built into the hillside
I drive from Djerba to Tataouine and explore deserted ksars falling into ruins. A highlight.

Surviving the Desert Wherein:
Restored ksar ouled soltane
I visit several restored ksars and drive overland to the edge of the Sahara desert plus visit Kairouan.

Why Did the Tunisian Cross the Road? Wherein:
Ancient roman ruin temple at Dougga.
I shack up in Tabarka and visit the well-preserved Roman cities of Dougga and Bulla Regia.

Peppered Out in Tabarka Wherein:
Old stone fortress on the shore in Tabarka.
I continue lodging in Tabarka and recount some of the things we've noticed/learned in Tunisia.

The Bridges Are Washed Out in Tunisia Wherein:
Rusted ship wrecked and abandoned off the shore of Cap Bon.
I drive around Cap Bon, visit a Punic ruin and see a modern-day shipwreck in El-Houaria.


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