Cool Finds Among Abandoned Mines in Gilpin County


Exploring ruins of mines in Nevadaville, Colorado, now virtually a ghost town. Some of the largest and best preserved ruins we know of in the area.



Northern Colorado's Red Mountain Open Space (it's really red!)


I take you with me on a hike through a relatively small space with a surprisingly diverse landscape.



Wildflower Paradise in the High Country near Leadville, Colorado


Reveling in the glory of Rocky Mountain wildflowers at their peak along 4x4 routes near Leadville. Plus we take a ride on the scenic LC&S historic railroad.


 Ruins of the 19th Century Mining Boom-Bust in Leadville, Colorado


 We explore ruins and 4x4 roads around Leadville, Colorado, and I share some 19th century history and biographies from the area.




South Park - Breckenridge - Montezuma: Colorado Mining Country Archive - 5 articles from scenic 4x4 routes in this area




Colorado Mountain Cemeteries Collection of articles on cemeteries of early mountain mining communities. Summit County, Park County, Gilpin County, Boulder County. 



Spectacular Scenery and Old Mines Near Montezuma, Colorado


Explore scenic 4x4 routes that start near Montezuma, CO. Stark red Webster Pass and large mining ruins up Peru Creek. 



Historic South Park, Colorado - Mining Mecca in the 1800s


Explore what life was like for 1800s miners and their families high in the Colorado Rockies. 



Dauntless and Peerless Mines - Clearly for the Hardy - Near Fairplay, Colorado


We explore two high-altitude abandoned silver mines and encounter some cute high altitude critters in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.



 Calhan Painted Mines Fantastical Geology, Magical Color

Painted Mines Interpretive Park, Calhan, Colorado.


Exploring a unique landscape of colored clay beds and white sandstone caps eroded into spires and hoodoos, canyons and alcoves. 



Searching for Ghosts in Gilman, Colorado
Abandoned train station at Gilman, Colorado.

Exploring the abandoned mining town of Gilman, Colorado ... a full townsite perched on a mountainside and a train station complex beside a river in a valley.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles -- Abandoned in Colorado


A little collection of ruins, wreckage and abandonment of these modes of transport in the Colorado mountains.  



 A Three-Hour Tour - My Various Adventures Around Nederland, Colorado
4x4 road to Kingston Peak. Colorado.
A variety of 4-wheeling and hiking adventures that I've completed in a 3-hour round trip from my home in Nederland. I am so fond of international travel, but my own area is rife with historical remnants from our mining history and completely surrounded in beautiful Rocky Mountain landscape ... if I were visiting Colorado from a foreign country, I would surely put this area on my itinerary. And I'm lucky enough to have it in my own backyard. In this section you'll find:

(a) Kingston Pass 4x4 route, (b) Gamble Gulch 4x4 route, (c) Caribou Ranch historic and nature walk along Switzerland Trail RR tracks (d) Caribou Mining District old mines, cemetery and landscapes (e) Nevadaville abandoned mines and ruins

** If you want to check out my backyard in Nederland, stay with me at my guest studio! Make a booking HERE

 Colorado Wildlife - Photos of the Animals Near Me in Nederland


Pretty much what the title says! Animals literally in my backyard and in the nearby beyond. Bears, bobcats, foxes, moose, elk, deer and more. 



  Colorado Playgrounds - Glenwood Springs and Steamboat Springs
Fish Creek Falls, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Photo by Shara Johnson

Beautiful Fish Creek Falls, bountiful wildflowers, big swings (actually, gigantic a swing), magical caves and unlikely Vaudeville.

How to Alter Time
A canoe in the Yamp River, Craig, Colorado. Photo by Shara Johnson

Canoeing the Yampa River ... a beginner's journal.

Evergreen Cemetery: Chronicle of Leadville History



Gravestones in Evergreen Cemetery tell stories of Leadville's past. 




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