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Favorite Lagoon Creatures - Ixtapa 2020


More difficult shooting conditions this year, but reunited with some of my favorite characters -- crocodiles, spoonbills, green herons -- and for the second year, wood storks.


 Finally Capturing Spoonbills in Flight


Having attempted this for several years, I finally get a few decent shots of the magnificent roseate spoonbill in flight.



Ixtapa Wild Creatures 2017 and 2018



Photos from 2017 and 2018 with some my old favorites and some new friends, too. 



2016 Back to the Birds at Ixtapa, Mexico

Yellow crowned night heron. Popoyote Lagoon, Ixtapa, Mexico.


This year's visit to the Popoyote Lagoon at Playa Linda and Barra de Potosi near Zihuatanejo introduces me to some new bird species I had not seen (or at least not noticed) before. Am I turning into a birder?? Plus crocodiles and iguanas, of course! 



2015 Popoyote Lagoon - Ixtapa, Mexico 

Mature male iguana pole dancing with a branch. Popoyote Lagoon, Playa Linda, Ixtapa, Mexico.



A new batch of photos of my favorite critters at the small wildlife refuge on the shores of Playa Linda.




Ixtapa, Mexico, February 2014
Spoonbill baby feeds out of its mother's mouth. Ixtapa, Mexico.

Nest of spoonbill bird babies. More iguanas and crocodiles, plus a visit to Ixtapa Island.

Posts From Ixtapa, Mexico, January 2013

Ixtapa Is For the Birds

White bird with yellow feet, Ixtapa, Mexico. Photo by Shara Johnson

Gobs of beautiful birds in the little wildlife sanctuary, and seagulls dive-bombing near the shore for food.

Exciting Day at the Reserve
Crocodile walking down the tourist beach at Playa Linda, Ixtapa, Mexico. Photo by Shara Johnson

Exciting activities include a crocodile munching an egret and one escaping from the sanctuary for a stroll down the beach.


Shara cautiously nibbling a star fruit in Mexico.

An afternoon stroll through the small town of Petatlan and my introduction to star fruit.

Spoonbills Don't Know How to Spoon
Two pink spoonbill birds in a mating ritual, the male biting the female's head, Ixtapa, Mexico. Photo by Shara Johnson

Iguanas and the elusive spoonbill in a courting session.


Ixtapa, Mexico, February 2012

Iguana on a tree trunk. Ixtapa, Mexico

Iguanas, crocodiles and birds at small wildlife refuge at Playa Linda, Ixtapa, Mexico.


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