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Posts from Botswana safari 2017, the Okavango Delta

The Leopardess:  Encounters in Botswana


I finally meet a leopard in the wild, where she reveals her magical nature.



A Family Tale in the Okavango Delta

Family of lions, Kwai Concessions, Botswana.


A family tries to cross a river to reach their sister on the other side.




Posts from Botswana safari 2016, the Kalahari

Kalahari in the Wet Season -- A Divine Surprise


 Visiting the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, I was stunned at how un-desert-like the landscape was in the rainy season. Lush and dynamic, and holding many animal surprises!



Circling the Nxai Pan, Part 1 -- One-On-One Time With Animals



Spending three days in the small Nxai Pan National Park provides some nice one-on-one time with a variety of iconic African animals.




Circling the Nxai Pan, Part 2 -- Animal Pals and Special Moments

Cheetah, Nxai Pan.


 Some very special moments in the Nxai Pan National Park, Botswana ... magical mornings and delightful wildlife sightings of animal pals.




Guest Posts for Other Websites: 

"Soul Food at Nxai Pan in Botswana" at Africa Geographic


A feature gallery of photos taken while on Safari in the Nxai Pan.







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Namibia II Witchcraft


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